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Policies and Procedures

Buddy Policy

HGRA makes every attempt to honor ONE mutual play with request when made by the registration deadline (mutual is defined as Joe puts Sam and Sam puts Joe).  If coaches request to coach together, then their sons or daughters will be considered mutual requests.  Mutual requests will not be honored with late registrations.  We appreciate your understanding of this policy.

If you forgot to make your buddy request, there is still time.  Log in to your account and follow these simple instructions:

You will need to go to the "Player & Parent/Guardian Information" and then click the pencil icon to make changes to the registration.

Refund Policy

REFUND POLICY: Refunds are not offered after March 15 except in extreme circumstances. A $10 administrative fee is deducted from all refunds. 

Please send refund requests to with the name on your account.  Thank you.

Weather Policy

HGRA Soccer

Games will be played unless there is lightning or severe weather. *Games will be played in the rain depending on field conditions. The decision to suspend or cancel games will be made at the field. Please do not call or e-mail HGRA for that information. Bear in mind that one of the two games on a given night might be called off but the weather could be fine for the other game.

*Adult League specific: 

1. While play may proceed in a mist or drizzle, all play must cease immediately and for the rest of the game when the conditions turn to regular rain.
2. If the first game of the schedule has been cancelled, the second game will be cancelled as well unless the rain has ceased for at least 30 minutes prior to game time and the field conditions reasonably permit safe play.
3. On all game days where rain is predicted, threatened or occurring, an HGRA Soccer official will be at the field and will make the call as to whether the game or games may proceed.

HGRA Baseball

Coaches should attempt to continue play in light rain. However, if lightning is observed in the area (within a 5mi radius), play stops and all participants should seek shelter for a 30min delay. All teams will be notified via email at least 1hr before a practice or game being canceled due to weather. If a game is postponed, the head coaches should make an attempt to reschedule the game. If rescheduling is not possible, the game will then be canceled.

HGRA Track

Practice and meets will continue unless there is lightning or severe weather. Participants will be notified at least one hour prior to practice about any practice or meet cancelations due to weather via email from the Director of Operations for Track. If lightning is observed in the area during practice or a meet (within 5mi), there is a mandatory 30min break from all activities and participants will seek shelter in cars or a nearby building. The 30min postponement restarts after each lightning strike within 5mi.

Financial Assistance


HGRA is a self-supporting organization dedicated to providing recreational sports opportunities to the youth of this community. Subsidized participation in HGRA sports programs is available in cases where the regular participation fee would cause a financial hardship.

·       Players eligible for free school lunch or free registration in any St. Paul Parks and recreation sports program may register for $10.

·       Players eligible for reduced-price school lunch or reduced registration fees for Recreation Center sports may register for $15.

These subsidies require confirmation of eligibility from the appropriate school or recreation center.  Other circumstances (C) will be considered on a case-by-case basis with a written explanation from the parent or guardian. 

Steps to receive financial assistance:

1. Download HGRA Financial Assistance form from the section below.
2. Complete form and return with supporting documents by email to or mail them to the address on the HGRA form.
3. Once the paperwork is received and reviewed, you will be emailed a discount code to use during checkout of the online registration process.
4. Register online and use discount code at check out.

HGRA Email List Policy

HGRA maintains an extensive email list of current and former HGRA participants, supporters and families. This list is the sole property of HGRA and shall be used in limited circumstances, including for recruiting participants, seeking financial support for HGRA and for the sharing of general information. The list shall not be provided to any outside organization or group for fundraising or solicitation purposes. All emails must be approved by the president prior to sending.

HGRA Background Check Policy

HGRA's background check process allows each adult coach and volunteer to go online to a secure website and fill out the necessary information.  HGRA is excited about this expanded program and very proud to be one of the few recreational associations taking the lead on providing its youth and adults with such a comprehensive program aimed at protecting many of those involved in youth sports in Minnesota.

***Background checks are due two weeks prior to your specific sport's start date. Due dates for each sport are below***.

2024 Due Dates:

Track: Monday, April 10th

Baseball: Monday, April 22nd

Soccer: Monday, April 29th


Login information can be found in the 2024 Coach Registration confirmation email.

HGRA Concussion Training Policy

To help ensure the health and safety of young athletes, CDC developed the Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports initiative to offer information about concussions to coaches, parents, and athletes involved in youth sports. The Heads Up initiative provides important information on preventing, recognizing, and responding to a concussion.

HGRA Policy requires all coaches to complete this training every 2 years. In 2021, all HGRA coaches will need to complete the concussion training due to having no season in 2020.

This requirement is mandated by the Minnesota Concussion Law since the Fall of 2011, in which concussion testing for coaches and officials is required for any organization charging a fee for youth athletic activities. This 30 minute online course is free. See relevant links below:


Create an account here: CDC Training

Access Concussion Course here -


Please complete this training and submit to your sport's director of operations at least two weeks prior to the season start date with Email Subject "Concussion Training - LAST NAME, FIRST NAME".




General Weather Information

Severe Storms

Severe storms can produce high winds, heavy rain, hail, lightning, thunder and/or tornados. If a severe storm approaches the playing area, the safety of the players is the number one priority of coaches and referees, and may require that the game be suspended while shelter is sought. In the event the game is suspended, ALL participants MUST clear the field immediately and move into their cars or other permanent shelter.

High winds can create problems by dust and debris being in the air or blowing over objects. Heavy rain can create hazardous field conditions or lead to flash flooding. Hail can cause injury. Lightning and thunder is discussed separately below. Tornados are obvious dangers of any severe storm. Use common sense and seek shelter as appropriate.


Lightning and Thunder

Lightning is the second leading cause of storm-related deaths (flooding is first). Lightning can strike up to 10 miles outside of a thunderstorm, literally a bolt from the blue. The danger from lightning can persist for 20-30 minutes or more after a thunderstorm has passed. The National Weather Service does not issue watches or warnings for lightning by itself. However, the National Weather Service does advise that if you see a lightning bolt and hear the thunder in 30 seconds or less, you seek shelter and wait 30 minutes before resuming outdoor activity.

If a person can hear thunder, or see lightning, the danger already is present. A clear, sunny sky overhead with storm clouds nearby can still be dangerous.

Referees and Coaches should adhere to the following:

  • If lightning is within five miles, with or without hearing thunder, the game(s) or practice(s) should be suspended and shelter sought. A lightning detector can identify the distance accurately but may not be available. A rough guideline is to measure the time between the lightning flash and hearing the corresponding thunder. If it is 30 seconds or less, seek shelter. It may not be possible to determine which lightning strike generated which roll of thunder. A simple rule: If you can see it or hear it, clear it!  
  • HGRA recommends that participants seek immediate shelter in their automobiles or a designated severe weather shelter, if there is one nearby. Smaller, open structures, tents, trees, isolated areas, etc, should be avoided. Cars, with windows rolled up or buses, can provide good shelter. Avoid contact with metal or other conducting materials to the outside surfaces. Do not stay in open, unprotected areas.
  • Games should not be restarted for at least 30 minutes after the last lightning strike is seen or roll of thunder is heard.
  • Tournaments should inform participating teams of notification and evacuation plans and shelters near the playing sites.


Hot Weather

Heat is a problem when it prevents the body from cooling itself. The hotter the body gets, the more likely it is to increase fatigue levels, develop cramps and increase the possibility of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. The hotter and more humid the weather, the faster these problems can develop. Temperatures as low as 65 degrees, with a relative humidity of 100%, can be serious.

  1. A heat index chart should be given to every coach and referee (
  2. Games need to be adjusted as the heat index rises:
    1. Mandatory water breaks
    2. Go to quarters
    3. Shorten the games
  3.  Provide training to coaches to teach the signs of heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Club administrators and tournament officials are responsible for monitoring the heat index (by weather radio, online or the Weather Channel) and keeping the participating teams and game officials informed of the heat index. Coaches are encouraged to also monitor the conditions.

The following are recommended when there is a possibility of dangerous high heat index:

Heat Index Recommendations
Up to 89° Normal Play
90° - 99° Mandatory two-minute water breaks per half with running time.
Each half shortened by five minutes.
100° - 105° Mandatory two-minute water breaks per half with running time.
Each half shortened by ten minutes.
105°+ Suspend Play