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The Registration "Soccer" is not currently available.

Soccer is called the beautiful game and is a sport that can be played by everyone.  HGRA soccer helps our soccer athletes establish a love of the game, develop their individual and team skills, and have fun. As they progress through our programs, they will grow as soccer players, teammates, and friends.


At these ages, developing soccer fundamentals is most important. Players will focus on:

  • Passing and trapping the ball with the instep of the foot, alternating between the dominant and weaker foot
  • Dribbling with the ball and adding speed with control
  • Accurately passing the ball with either the side or laces of the cleats at near to mid ranges
  • Starting to develop proper shooting techniques by beginning to strike the ball with the laces of the cleat


At these ages, players will be adding more advanced skills to their abilities that may include:

  • Accurately passing the ball at mid to long-range
  • Being able to bring the ball down from the air with control
  • Shooting accurately from the 18-yard line and beyond and being able to hit the “thirds” in the goal (left and right thirds)
  • Establishing a signature one-on-one move, like a simple cut with speed
  • Learning defensive techniques - when to contain or when to regain possession

Adult Soccer

Our youth programs establish a love of the game, and our adult programs allow for a natural transition from youth soccer to adult soccer. Our adult open and +35 divisions provide fun, community-based soccer leagues for all adult ages and are suited for players of all skill levels who enjoy the game and want to continue playing soccer.

Program/League Information

Players will be entered into an age-appropriate league or program based on their birthday entered during the registration process. 

5U “Soccer Scramble”: Weekly sessions starting with group activities led by professional coaches followed by small-sided games supervised by HGRA staff.

6U, 7U & 8U: Coed leagues play 4v4 with no goalkeeper on small fields. High scoring, and fast-moving fun. A mix of professional and volunteer coaches organize and run practices and manage the games.

10U, 12U & 14U: 7v7 same-gender teams with larger goals, larger small-sided fields, goalkeepers, referees, and 25-minute halves. Experienced volunteer coaches run one practice per week and manage the game during league play.

18U: 7v7 Coed teams play. League-wide practices and scrimmages on Sunday afternoons. Games are on Wednesday nights with referees and 25-minute halves. Experienced volunteer coaches run the one league-wide group practice per week and help manage the games during league play.

Adult: 7 v 7 Coed leagues, an open league for players 35U and a +35 league. Games are on Sundays at 5:30 pm (open) and 6:30 pm (+35) with referees, and 40-minute halves. Adults sign-up as individuals or with a buddy. HGRA creates teams, and players manage their positions and minutes during one game per week of league play.

Game/Practice Locations

Games and team practices are played at the Carondelet and Talmud Torah grass fields.  Carondelet is located on Albert St. just south of  Randolph Ave. between Expo School and Cretin-Derham Hall High School, 550 S. Albert Street. Talmud Torah of St Paul soccer fields is located at 768 Hamline Avenue S.

HGRA has access to some of the best-maintained grass soccer fields in Saint Paul, leveraging on our strong relationships with the Saint Paul community for over twenty years.

Season Dates

Practice Week: May 17th

Games Start: May 24th

Last Week of Games: July 19th

Registration Opens February 8, 2021

The 2021 summer soccer season registrations will fill quickly this year.   Reserve your spot today and experience the long-awaited return of a fun, family-friendly, HGRA summer soccer season.

Registration is $80 per player for a nine-week season.

Register Today! Only $80 per athlete!

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